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I have previously released haproxy1.5-dev19 with SSL & SPDY support enabled and nginx 1.4.1 with SPDY support and pagespeed, although I do not remember which version of pagespeed.

I have received a few messages asking me for the latest version of haproxy, nginx and pagespeed so I decided to finally build and release them.


haproxy requires openssl-1.0.1d or higher.

On a standard Debian 7 install you should have openssl-1.0.1e-2, you can find which version you have by running

dpkg -l openssl

This should return something similar to

ii  openssl        1.0.1e-2        amd64        Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related cryptographic tools

Build notes

Builds were done on Debian 7 AMD64, I will not be providing 32bit versions as this is mainly for my own usage and amusement.


This haproxy build is compiled against openssl, providing the npn module, allowing for haproxy to work under SSL/TLS and allowing the use of SPDY/2 and SPDY/3.

haproxy_1.5-dev21_amd64.deb GPG MD5 SHA1


All of these builds are compiled with the SPDY module and ngx_pagespeed modules enabled. The version of pagespeed used is

Sadly nginx 1.5.8 currently only supports SPDY/2, SPDY/3 support is still unfinished.


You will need to choose one of the two below, if in doubt, just use full.

nginx-full_1.5.8_amd64.deb GPG MD5 SHA1
nginx-light_1.5.8_amd64.deb GPG MD5 SHA1


I’d only recommend installing this if you know what optional extras are installed with this package.

nginx-extras_1.5.8_amd64.deb GPG MD5 SHA1


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