I’ve recently been toying with my Raspberry Pi mirror including moving it out on to Amazon’s S3. I’ve written an article on how to back up to S3, but that isn’t enough when it comes to serving data from S3.

I needed the ability to RSYNC data from the official Raspberry Pi servers on to mine and then in to S3 and for that I used s3fs and FUSE.


You can actually do this successfully without requiring FUSE, just by installing the s3fs binary on to your system, but this only allows the user who mounted to access the mounted bucket and also is not possible via /etc/fstab.

FUSE allows you to implement a filesystem within a userspace program, thus allowing us to give other users access and auto-mount using /etc/fstab.



Installing FUSE is simple

sudo apt-get install fuse-utils


We …

24 hours of SSH attacks against a single server, visualised on a world map using Python.

When a country stays lit up for more than 1 tick of the clock in the left hand corner it means that multiple attacks are happening from different IP addresses. An attacker is banned after;

  • 1 failed root login,
  • 3 failed user logins (including invalid users) and
  • 3 failed system logins.