Exiting relays

Both SpunkWeasel (865A408E2B1EA3E18C9A12E80A8D458F9C985C16) and AnorexicSquirrel (B8E6FFEB6F91FA3D26BC572836FB0ABBD142DC87) have been given additional horsepower in terms of CPU and memory and both have been allowed to exit. Additionally, both are now capable of IPv6 connectivity as guards, relays and exits.

New relays

A new exit relay has been put online called VivaciousAlpaca (24B1783665A9B0A4BF640A1CD02F685C0CA098ED). It has the same CPU and memory as SpunkWeasel and AnorexicSquirrel and also has full IPv6 capabilities.

A full list of my public Tor relays can be found on the tor page.