Things on the todo list, in no particular order.

  • Make ``tests/` flake8/isort compliant.``

  • Implement logging to a file.

  • Add pidfile tests for config to config_test and pytest.2.0.4

  • Add socket bind tests to config_test and pytest2.0.2

  • Dynamic mode switch - helo, ehlo, delay verb, rcpt, mail from2.0.4

  • Dynamic delay switch - min and max delay range (i.e. delay between 10 and seconds, randomly) - helo, ehlo, delay verb, rcpt, mail from2.0.4

  • HELP verb2.0.2

  • Improve TLS by adding load_dh_params2.0.4

  • Add AUTH mechanism2.0.4

  • POP & IMAP – started, progress available at

  • Add SMTP Submission to default interfaces2.0.14

  • Add more lists to EXPN and combine for EXPN all2.0.14

  • Add pass= and fail= to more verbs2.0.14

  • Properly implement PIPELINING – build responses in a list and return in order after .\r\n

  • Added base level server that can be extended, i.e. NOT IMPLEMENTED most features.

  • Strip out blackhole.config.Config context and make it loadable on creation – allowing any config context to be passed.

  • Command injection – move HELO, EHLO etc to separate modules, allowing them to be injected and that injection to be overridden by a user-defined method.

  • Add auth mechanisms as injectables, special injectables that, unlike the command inections, these are injected specially in to the auth system.

Possible future features

  • Greylist support

  • DKIM / DomainKeys / SPF / Sender-ID after DATA command.