Pelican YouTube is a plugin to enabled you to embed YouTube videos in your pages and articles.


To install pelican-youtube, simply install it from PyPI:

$ pip install pelican-youtube

Then enabled it in your

    # ...
    # ...


In your article or page, you simply need to add a line to embed you video.

.. youtube:: VIDEO_ID

Which will result in:

<div class="youtube youtube-16x9">
<iframe src="" allowfullscreen seamless frameBorder="0"></iframe>


This code will render you a fully responsive YouTube video, spanning the whole available container width. Note that you will need to integrate the code from youtube.css in your project or template style sheet. Alternatively, you can specify width and height as detailed below.

Additional arguments

Attribute default  
allowfullscreen yes allow video to be displayed full-screen
seamless yes no borders around iframe
class youtube-16x9 additional CSS classes, usually for responsive behavior
  empty° (° when width or height are specified)
width, height empty video dimensions when responsive design is not desired

Example 1: (responsive design)

.. youtube:: 4_X6EyqXa2s
    :class: youtube-4x3
    :allowfullscreen: no
    :seamless: no

Will result in:

<div class="youtube youtube-4x3">
<iframe src=""></iframe>

Example 2: (non-responsive design)

.. youtube:: 4_X6EyqXa2s
    :width: 800
    :height: 500
    :allowfullscreen: no

Will result in:

<div class="youtube">
<iframe width="800" height="500" src="" seamless frameBorder="0"></iframe>

More Control of YouTube Video Player

YouTube offers more control via player parameters, which you simply attach to the VIDEO_ID as query parameters. See YouTube documentation for a list of possible parameters.

Example: (start video at time 00:20, start playing automatically, don’t show related content at end of video)

.. youtube:: 4_X6EyqXa2s?start=20&amp;autoplay=1&amp;rel=0

Known Issues

The presence of the frameBorder attribute causes an HTML5 validation error. Unfortunately, this attribute is still necessary for supporting older versions of Internet Explorer.


MIT license.


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