Yarg is a PyPI client, it was written for and can search packages as well as read the RSS feeds from PyPI for new packages and new package version releases.



Blackhole is a fake MTA (mail transfer agent) that is designed blindly accept, bounce or reject all inbound and outbound email without actually processing or storing any of the data. This makes it safe for handling large volumes of email messages.

Blackhole is designed mostly for testing purposes and can be used to test numerous things suchs as;

  • Email send rates, if you need to test how much mail you can send per minute, hour etc
  • Email integration testing and finally
  • if you work in the real world, chances are you’ll need work on a copy of production data from time to time. You can try to anonymous all the data but there is always a chance you’ll miss something. Configuring blackhole as your applications default SMTP gateway will remove any chance of a real person receiving an email they shouldn’t have received.

It is available as source and as SaaS.


Am I Secure

Am I Secure is a relatively simple Python script that will check some of your server configuration and report on security and configuration issues.



pypipin is a SaaS that provides shields for your GitHub repository, documentation or website powered by information directly from PyPI.


Deiman is a Python utility class for daemonizing a process. It has start and stop methods as well as a method for retrieving a process status information. It can also detect stale PIDs and remove them.



PyBozo is a Python implementation of BozoCrack for using Google to crack unsalted MD5 passwords.


Pelican [YouTube/Vimeo]

Pelican YouTube and Vimeo are a set of plugins that enable you to embed videos in to your pages and articles.

/pelican-youtube /pelican-vimeo

Pelican FontAwesome

Pelican FontAwesome allows you to embed FontAwesome icons in your RST documents.


Pelican GitHub Projects

Pelican GitHub Projects allows you to embed a list of your public GitHub projects in your pages.



A simple set of commands to allow you to update to the security releases without updating your entire operating system.



A set of plugins for Nagios to monitor RabbitMQ using rabbitmqctl.



Tool for unbanning people from DenyHosts without having to manually edit half a dozen files.


Pelican Themes


A clean and minimal, lightweight theme for the Pelican blogging platform. Ghastly is based heavily off of Casper, the default theme for Ghost.



Hauntr is a minimal, lightweight and clean theme for the Pelican blogging platform.

It is named after the Pokemon ‘Haunter’ because it is a modified version (you might say evolved) of my previous theme, Ghastly.



Eevee is a theme for Pelican, based on Google’s Material Design specification.

It is named after the Pokémon Eevee because — like the Pokémon Eevee — it can evolve in to many ‘elemental types.’



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