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Mew, the Pokémon

Content-Security-Policy (CSP) is an HTTP header returned by servers that gives the client some information on where resources can be loaded. For example setting script-src 'self' in the CSP tells the client that it should only load script resources from the current origin. 'self' for this blog post would mean https://kura.gg.

To make loading those resources more secure you can use hashes or nonces within the CSP that the client can verify. Below I will show how I inject CSP nonces using Cloudflare Workers in to responses from my origin.

Security considerations

Think of this as an academic exercise rather than something you should do.

This article will only explain how I inject the nonces in to responses from the origin. This isn’t really secure given the method I use to do this is pretty dumb — it just adds a generated nonce to <script> and <link rel …