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Batfish is a Python client and API wrapper for the Digital Ocean V2 API. It can be used as a library module in your own Python code but also provides a CLI interface and a shell-like command interpreter.

Batfish is still under development and is considered in the Alpha stage. It is not yet available via PyPI but can be tried out using the code available on GitHub.

There is a small amount of documentation available on Read The Docs and tests are still being written to get as much coverage as possible and eaked out all of the bugs. You can find the latest test status on Travis CI.

Module interface

>>> from batfish import Client
>>> client = Client()
>>> client.authorize("abcde12345")
>>> client.droplets
[<Droplet ego.kura.gg>, <Droplet fax.kura.gg>, <Droplet jet.kura.gg>, <Droplet ski.kura.gg>]
>>> client.droplet_reboot(1234)

CLI interface

$ batfish authorize
$ batfish droplets
ego …
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tugboat-bash-completion is a bash completion script the tugboat CLI interface for the Digital Ocean API.




Install manually

Download the source file from above and run the commands below.

sudo make install
. ~/bashrc

Or you can do it the lazy way

sudo wget https://github.com/kura/tugboat-bash-completion/blob/master/tugboat \
    -O /etc/bash_completion.d/tugboat
. ~/bashrc


It’s worth noting that any command that supports a FUZZY_MATCH will take a small amount of time to respond, due to querying the API for a list of either droplets or images.

Commands that do a droplet lookup;

  • destroy
  • halt
  • info
  • password-reset
  • rebuild
  • resize
  • restart
  • snapshot
  • ssh
  • start
  • wait

An image lookup;

  • destroy_image
  • info_image
  • rebuild


The source can be found on GitHub.


Issues can be tracked using GitHub Issues.


This software is licensed using the MIT License. The license is provided in …