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Quick introduction

My employers presented me with a challenge this week. The task was not difficult in the end but to me it was an untried concept involving MySQL.

I have never been a fan of MySQL and generally turn my nose at the thought of using it, let alone replicating it etc.

The task in question? Master -> Master -> Slave -> Slave replication.

From this point forward I will expect you to have MySQL installed and set-up as normal.

  • Master 1 will be known as Master 1 and Slave 2 with IP
  • Master 2 will be known as Master 2 and Slave 1 with IP
  • Slave 1 will be known as Slave 3 with IP
  • and Slave 2 will be known as Slave 4 with IP

Master 1

Modify your MySQL config file, usually named …