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This proposal describes a build system for generating “wheel” archives and is very, very informal. This plan was drawn up after a random discussion with Jannis Liedel on Twitter and IRC.

Wheel files can be platform and Python-version dependent, a way of generating these files automatically needs to be created and linked to the Packaging Index (PyPI.)


After discussions with Jannis, I believe the simplest solution would likely be the best solution for this problem. As such, I feel that using a custom-built, lightweight solution makes more sense than using something like buildbot.


I feel the platform should leverage existing Python packages that are tried, tested and well used in the community. Therefore I feel we should use a combination of the following;

  • RabbitMQ for queueing builds
  • Celery for building wheels and
  • pyenv for managing multiple Python versions

Operating systems

I lack any understanding of Windows or …